Kittrell Riffkind Art Glass Studio has developed our own bead release formula called K.R.A.G. Mudd. It leaves minimum residue and cleans out easily. Flame or air dry. Available in a ready to use 4 fluid ounce bottle.

Feel free to e-mail us with any questions concerning K.R.A.G. Mudd or give us a call at 888.865.2228

Here's what people are saying about KRAG Mudd
"..I think you have an exceptional product that the beadmakers in this country would love to know about!"

Kathy Perras
Portland Gathering Local Chairperson
Portland ORBS President
"I have been meaning to e-mail you to tell how much I LOVE your KRAG mudd! I love how I don't have to mix it every time I use it (like I had to do with Sludge). It is the perfect consistency! It is easy to clean out of my beads and it is easier to get my beads off my mandrels. I have told several other glass artists about it. I hope you will continue making this wonderful Mudd because I will never use any other release than yours. Thanks again for having such a great product!!"

Nikki Kellough
Buchner, MO
"I like it very much, and am thrilled with how easy the beads come off the mandrels after annealing, and how CLEAN !! they are, even before I finally clean them with a diamond bit."

Lynn Foley
Round Top, TX
"I am enjoying the Mudd and it seems much easier to clean my bead holes and to get beads off the mandrel. I am now using it exclusively."

Jolene Riley
Splendor in the Glass
"I must tell you, though, that your bead release is definitely becoming my release of choice for transparent beads. What a nice difference. It's so smooth that the bead hole looked polished compared to what I was getting with several other kinds of bead release. And it really knows what 'release' means."

Barbara Cohan